Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm

Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm
Picaro pictured with Dr. Carl Kirker-Head, Pete Daigneault, Farm Manager and Mona Kirker-Head with their daughters

Picaro's Progress is a Miracle!

Please join others in donating to Tufts Large Animal Hospital in honor of Picaro. If you are able to donate, please copy & paste w/ Picaro as subject: http://www.tufts.edu/vet/giving . Many thanks to those who have donated and are considering a donation. These donations make it possible for us to have this state of the art facility with top Veterinarians to care for our animals.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5

Today was the day for the second ultra sound on Picaro's colon. Our fingers were crossed and the results showed that the swelling reduced from 2cm to .9cm....what a relief! Although he is still uncomfortable and continues to show us how much, we now have hope that his pain in that area will continue to lessen.

Now on a regular schedule of walks outside the hospital, Picaro loves the interaction with the mares that he sees and has made friends with a cow! It is great to see his ears perk up and show us signs that he wants to live!

On another note...we need your help! Picaro's medical bills are mounting daily and donations are needed! No matter the size, please help us by logging on to the Tufts site (copy and paste this url): https://secure.www.alumniconnections.com/olc/pub/TUF/onlinegiving/showGivingForm.jsp?form_id=532
Please type in that the gift is for the Cummings Veterinary School and the area would be for the Large Animal Hospital. In the general comment section, please put, "In Honor of Picaro." Gifts can also me mailed directly with the same information as above. Many, many thanks to all who have donated!

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  1. Just stopped by to see the blog and it looks really great!

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