Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm

Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm
Picaro pictured with Dr. Carl Kirker-Head, Pete Daigneault, Farm Manager and Mona Kirker-Head with their daughters

Picaro's Progress is a Miracle!

Please join others in donating to Tufts Large Animal Hospital in honor of Picaro. If you are able to donate, please copy & paste w/ Picaro as subject: http://www.tufts.edu/vet/giving . Many thanks to those who have donated and are considering a donation. These donations make it possible for us to have this state of the art facility with top Veterinarians to care for our animals.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tomorrow, May 14 will mark the 4 month anniversary since Picaro was shot. When he arrived at Tufts, Dr. Carl Kirker-Head made an evaluation that Picaro could be saved...and he was. After speaking with the Dean at Tufts, it was decided that they would cover the cost of his care and we then embarked upon a journey that culminated in a wonderful ending.

At the end of February, Picaro was moved to Ross Haven Farm, a rehabilitation facility for horses, owned by Dr. Carl and Ramona Kirker-Head and Picaro began the long road to recovery. Four weeks ago the pins that stabilized his jaw were removed and we hoped that he would regain SOME of the jaw movement enabling him to chew and swallow. The result was that he regained FULL mobility and a very happy, healty horse left today for his new home at Riverview Paso Fino's in Mt. Jackson, VA (www.riverviewpasofinos.com).

His new owner, Ann Howell, is a long time breeder and supporter of the Paso Fino industry and was introduced to me in March as a possible home for Picaro. It did not take long before we decided that Picaro would be moving to Virginia and today he has begun the next chapter in his life.

Thank you all for your support as you have followed this amazing story. If you have not had a chance to donate, there is still the opportunity through Tufts University: http://www.tufts.edu/vet/giving in "Honor of Picaro." Without their support and the knowledge and love of horses by Dr. Kirker-Head and others there, we would not have this outstanding facility at our disposal.

Many thanks to Tufts University and The Kirker-Head Family and best wishes to Ann Howell and Picaro in this next chapter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It has been some time that Picaro's Diary has been updated - I apologize for the delay and I appreciate all who have been requesting an update.

First, Picaro is doing GREAT! He has had such expert, loving care at Ross-Haven Farm in Sturbridge, Mass. Dr. Kirker-Head has reported that the pins have been removed and he is beginning to eat some Dengi. The side to side chewing motion is beginning to come back and his spirit could not be better.

Watching him run around a pasture is one of the most exciting things to see! He is playful and full of energy. Some weight has come back and he is ready to go to his new home.

We do not have an exact date of departure, but it looks like Picaro will be moving on to a Paso farm in Virginia. More on the farm will be coming in the next post.

I have said it before, but this has all been a miracle! Without the care of Dr. Kirker-Head and the Tufts staff, this would not have had such a happy ending.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Adjusted to new home!

Picaro has adjusted nicely to his temporary home at Ross Haven Farm in Sturbridge. He has top care at this rehab facility owned by Dr. Kirker-Head.

He LOVES to be outside, unfortunately, it can only be at the end of a lead rope as he also wants to roll so badly....and he did when we gave him a chance in the paddock.

We are about two weeks away from taking the pins out of his jaw and that will be a real milestone in his recovery process.

He is still eating pelleted forms of food and hay is still out of the question. We are hopeful that will change once the pins have been removed.

Not a great picture here - but it is outside in the spring weather!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Taking Picaro for a walk at Ross Haven Farm was like stepping into a storybook! The grounds are so beautiful and Picaro was as happy as he could be. His ears are always forward and with the wind blowing a little he decided to stop, look around and do a little capriole! It made me wonder - Paso or Lipizzan?

He has an infectious way about him. Everyone who meets him falls in love instantly. We can tell that he is tired of having his face poked at...only four more weeks until the pins are removed in his jaw.

He is still eating like a trooper - he looks great!

I am still taking applications for adoption - if you are interested, please email: allsmall7@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On To Rehab!

Yesterday was a big day for Picaro. After a little bit of a struggle getting loaded into the trailer, Picaro was on his way to Ross Haven Farm in Sturbridge (www.rosshavenfarm.com). Owned by Dr. Carl Kirker-Head and his wife, Mona. This facility will be a perfect place for Picaro to continue on his healing ways.

Bringing him to a farm setting was something that Dr. Kirker-Head thought was needed for his continued care. I agree...it couldn't be a better spot!

Many thanks to the Kirker-Head family for their continued support of this dear horse who has managed to be a pretty strong fighter...his name does mean adventurer and what an adventure this has been.

We are still looking for a permanent home for Picaro, if you are interested or know of someone who is, please contact me at allsmall7@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Picaro continues to get stronger each day. His colitis has completely cleared and he is still eating and eating. Our worries continue to be the swallowing. If you look at the CT scan you can see how one of the bullets caused damage to areas that will continue to be slow healing.

Pictured here are two of Picaro's vet students, Meagan Meador and Jared Ravich. These two students have been with Picaro since January 14th, the day he arrived to Tufts. Although Meagan and Jared are on a new rotation, their constant, professional and heart felt care of Picaro has been instrumental in his fight for life. Thank you Meagan and Jared...good luck to you both as you look forward to graduation!

Coming up next will be x-rays to see how much the fracture in his jaw has healed and then he is off to Ross Haven Farm for rehabilitation as we look for a new home for Picaro.

Please contact me at allsmall7@gmail.com if you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting this wonderful horse!

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