Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm

Picaro Leaves Ross Haven Farm
Picaro pictured with Dr. Carl Kirker-Head, Pete Daigneault, Farm Manager and Mona Kirker-Head with their daughters

Picaro's Progress is a Miracle!

Please join others in donating to Tufts Large Animal Hospital in honor of Picaro. If you are able to donate, please copy & paste w/ Picaro as subject: http://www.tufts.edu/vet/giving . Many thanks to those who have donated and are considering a donation. These donations make it possible for us to have this state of the art facility with top Veterinarians to care for our animals.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, January 30

Not every day can be a red letter day - and today falls into that category. Picaro was not as bright and last night he was showing some small signs of colic. It is of no surprise given the amount of medication that has gone into his system. There are also signs of stomach ulcers.

The good news is...he continues to enjoy eating! He has such a wonderful team at Tufts - one for his head and one for his stomach issues. They work together for the best possible outcome.

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